Мастерская 3D-панелей
& декоративного камня
из гипса и бетона в Воронеже

Проектируем и производим 3D-панели, искусственный камень и декоративные элементы из гипса и бетона
по эскизам и чертежам заказчика в Воронеже и области.

Ценностное предложение

Преимущества и фичи Our fully licensed and professional insurance agency is an Independent Professional company that
works for you to make sure you get the right coverage at the right price.


Our mission is to provide outstanding service and superior coverage to every one of our clients.

24/7 support

Whenever you need us, our dedicated support professionals are always here to help no matter your issue.

Our commitment

Commitment to quality service enables us to offer our clients competitive pricing, a broad choice of products and unparalleled advocacy.


3D панели из гипса

If you have had a fall or an accident making you unable to work could you afford the bills? Try the list of top accident & sickness companies.

Декоративный кирпич

If your pet falls unexpectedly ill then the costs of the veterinary care can become expensive. With pet insurance one monthly payment will give you a piece of mind.

Декоративный камень

Protect yourself financially against critical illnesses such as strokes and cancer. Lump sum payments to soften the blow of illness, which could affect us all.

Гипсовая лепнина

Your teeth need to be looked after. For your appearance. But even routine check-ups can be costly so try our dental plan.


Protect your income with a monthly health or payment protection insurance payment payable when you get ill or are unable sustain your income.


Everything you need to know about mortgages. The A to Z of mortgages, links to estate agents, all types of mortgage providers, and a whole lot more.

Этапы реализации проекта

до 2-х дней

Изготовление образца

Тестовый образец отливается и красится в мастерской по техническому заданию дизайнера.

от 3-х дней

Производство изделия

В соответствии с проектом, изделия отливаются, сушатся, красятся и пакуются.

по согласованию


По согласованию с заказчиком, изделия доставляются до двери.

Предложение партнеров

Для реализации дизайн-проекта требуется строительная бригада. Вы можете найти её самостоятельно или воспользоваться услугами наших партнеров.

Condo Insurance

Get dependable condo insurance to protect your personal belongings.

Flood Insurance

Safeguard your home and the stuff inside and don`t worry about damages.

Umbrella Insurance

Get the extra layer of coverage you need with umbrella insurance.

Golf Cart Insurance

You can get reliable coverage from us to protect your golf cart.


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